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All information contained in this website (housingware.com) is for reference only. “Housing Industry Co., Ltd” has made every effort to ensure that the information is accurate, complete and up-to-date, but it is inevitable that it will be negligent due to rapid development of the company, editing and other reasons. Missing, please correct your mistakes. For further details, please contact the relevant department of the company directly.

Any incident, negligence, contractual damage, libel, copyright or intellectual property infringement caused by “Housing Industry Co., Ltd.” and any damages (including downloads due to downloads) "Infected computer virus", "Housing Industry Co., Ltd" is not responsible for, and does not assume any legal responsibility. "Housing Industry Co., Ltd" is not responsible for any information, products and services connected through the "Housing Industry Co., Ltd" webpage, and is not responsible for any legal liability. All contents of the "Housing Industry Co., Ltd" website are for reference only.

If you believe that some of the content of this site is suspected of infringement, please notify us immediately, we will correct it at the first time; at the same time, if we do not confirm the contents of this website without the confirmation of the company, and any adverse effects caused by this, The company will not assume any legal responsibility. If it causes losses to the company, the company will pursue the legal responsibility of the responsible person according to law.

The right to interpret the above statement is owned by “Housing Industry Co., Ltd.”; if there is a relevant explanation in the law, it is based on the interpretation of Chinese law. If the dispute is limited to the judicial department of our locality.

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All content contained in this website (housingware.com): text, graphics, logo, information, ideas, services, etc. All final interpretation rights belong to Housing Industry Co., Ltd. All content on this website is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws.


Housing Industry Co., Ltd and any of its components may not be recreated, copied, traded, or used for any commercial purpose not permitted by the Site. If this website determines that the customer's behavior is illegal or detrimental to the interests of this website, the website will retain the final interpretation and recourse.


If the link service on this website can directly enter other sites, the sites of these links are not under the control of this website. The privacy policy of the company does not apply to other websites. Please refer to the privacy policy of other websites, Housing Industry Co. ., Ltd is not responsible for the content of any website linked to this site.


This website does not provide any express or implied warranty for all content, information, materials or products on this website. Housing Industry Co., Ltd shall not be liable for any loss arising from the use of this website, including but not limited to losses caused by making business decisions based on the information on this website, whether direct or indirect. responsibility.

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