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8 houses in New Jersey, USA, 2016

Housing Railing     2016-10-04     894

We knew this client via alibaba in 2014 and have cooperated with them for 4 projects so far. When we first cooperate with them, their company is a local medium developer. But now they’re a very biglocal developerby mergeringthe company with Beijing Hongkun Group. And the type of projects had changed from single block building to commercial residential complex, which is inseparable with the ability and efforts of company. 

Although they’re developer, their working attitude is worth of respect. There’re 12-13 hours difference between China and the United States, however theyrespected our working time. Almost all the details of drawings are discussed in working time of China(client‘s off-duty time).The clients are strict with the quality and details, however we have high quality control requirement system for our products, so they’re satisfied and keep cooperating with us.   Even there’s a little problem during installation, our client will solve the problems that can be easily solved by themselvesand anything that need us to help, we will don’t hesitate to provide solutions immediately. That’s why they keep cooperatingwith us one project after another.

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